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5 features of an outstanding freelance writer


Of course there are hundreds of thousands of freelance writers but not every one of them is outstanding. Now what do we mean by that? Well an outstanding freelance writer is someone who is very good at what they do. They get plenty of job offers and are well paid for their work. Visit essay writing service to get more information about writer vacancy. But if we were to examine people who could be safely described as an outstanding freelance writer, what particular features would we discover? Here are just five.

  • They have the ability to proofread and edit their writing.
  • They always answer the question or stick to the topic.
  • They deliver their work on time every time.
  • They don't accept work for which they are not qualified to write.
  • They adopt a professional approach and treat all people with respect.

You will notice that in the list of features above there is no mention of their ability to write well. That is just a basic assumption. You can take that as granted. If nothing else, a top freelance writer knows the art and business of writing. They know how to research a topic, extract relevant information and then translate that into a quality piece of writing. But the other five characteristics are equally important.

It's no good if you as a freelance writer can produce excellent work but don't know how to proofread it and edit it. An outstanding freelance writer knows that they have to research the topic, have to write about it well and then they have to polish the finished product. In fact the product isn't finished until it has been polished. So if you aspire to be an outstanding freelance writer then make sure that your skills as a proofreader and as an editor are up to scratch.

Write Exactly What Your Client Wants


So many times an employer will return the work with the complaint that no matter how well it has been written it doesn't answer the question. This is where an outstanding freelance writer will not start work until they are absolutely certain of the requirements. It's no good finishing the work if it's not what the employer wants. An outstanding freelance writer will make sure they know what the employer wants and then because of their writing skill will stick to the topic or answer the question.

Not finishing work on time is a sin. If you want to establish an outstanding freelance writing reputation, you must finish the work on or before the stated time. Many outstanding freelance writers will send work in stages so that rather than wait until the end and get the entire job in one hit, the employer is able to see the work as it progresses. This is another quality or feature of an outstanding freelance writer.

And it may surprise you to know that some outstanding freelance writers refuse to accept some offers of work. Some will even refuse to apply for a job they don't feel they are qualified to tackle. Some freelance writers will apply for a job and then discover that it requires skills they don't have. Rather than simply say ‘I would like to take this job’, they speak up and say that they don't feel equipped to tackle the task.

And an outstanding freelance writer will always adopt a professional approach to their work and business. They will treat all people they are dealing with in a respectful manner and of course expect the same sort of behaviour in return. It takes experience and expertise to be good at freelance writing. It takes class to act as a professional.


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