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How To Be A Successful Freelance Academic Writer: 10 Rules For Beginners

If you’re a beginner and would like to become a successful freelance academic writer, there are a few important rules that you should learn first. These rules will guide you to become very successful on your new career path. So, have a look at this handy list of the ten important rules to help beginners become successful freelance academic writers.

  • Number 1: Make sure you’re making the right choice
  • As with any change in career, you should be very sure you’re making the right decision. As a freelance academic writer, you’ll need to be very diligent, able to work without supervision, and able to spend long periods of time alone.

  • Number 2: Choose your area of expertise
  • As you’re about to enter a very broad field, you may want to choose an area of expertise for yourself. If you have any specialist knowledge, consider applying it in your new career.

  • Number 3: Improve your background knowledge
  • Once you’ve chosen an area of expertise, you should make sure your background knowledge in your area is up to scratch. If you think it isn’t, do some extra reading about the subject.

  • Number 4: Improve your skills as a writer
  • Obviously, you’ll need to have excellent skills as a writer in your new career. If you think you’re a bit rusty, you can do a course online or at your local community college.

  • Number 5: Create a brilliant CV for yourself
  • An important aspect of becoming successful in your new field is to create a brilliant CV for yourself. So, compose a professional CV that includes all the relevant information.

  • Number 6: Build an excellent portfolio of your work
  • Another important thing for a beginner to do in this field is to build an excellent portfolio of their work. As a rule, clients like to see a portfolio with samples pieces.

  • Number 7: Join freelance websites
  • The best place to find work as a freelance academic writer is to join freelance websites. There are many great ones online so find some and join them.

  • Number 8: Apply for any relevant jobs
  • Early in your career, you should accept any relevant jobs that you can. You should only start becoming picky about the work you do when you’re established.

  • Number 9: Make your own website
  • An excellent way to find work is to make a website that advertises your services to prospective clients, so start working on one as soon as possible.

  • Number 10: Always do the best quality work you possibly can
  • Especially as a beginner, you’ll need to make sure that you produce the best quality work you possibly can. This will help ensure that you become and remain successful in your new career.


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