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How To Become A Great Freelance Ghost Writer: Advice From An Expert

When people first get started in a career as a freelance writer, they struggle to make the right connections to make enough money to stay with the profession. Patience and hard work are key to finding success in the field, but so too is finding the right niche. One such are of freelancing that gets overlooked is ghost writing. It can be highly lucrative and just the thing you need to keep doing something you really enjoy. Here’s some expert advice on how to become great at doing this kind of work:

Get Experienced

Write. Write. Write. Write anything: blogs, journals, guest articles. Write letters of recommendation or cover letters. Practice makes perfect and the fastest way to improve your writing is to do as much of it as possible. Take on any of a number of projects and try working in a number of fields. The research required to produce content in areas you aren’t familiar will give you the experience you need to succeed in this highly competitive field.

Practice Patience

You’re probably not going to find a good ghost writing gig immediately. However, if you are persistent and continuously look for opportunities you should be able to start identifying well-paying jobs and start applying to the ones that seem to be the best matches. Make connections and don’t be disappointed if some of those don’t pan out. The important thing is that you keep trying and get your name out there so that hiring clients know about your interest and have the right contact information to reach out to you.

Have a Little Luck

And lastly, you’re going to have to have a little luck. This may sound like a vague notion and it’s hard to explain exactly what it means to be lucky, but in asking others who have succeeded in this niche most will tell you that they were lucky to land that first gig which led to the rest. So, how do you create luck for yourself? Get active. Get your name out there and join in discussions with other writers with more experience and connections. You may get recommended to a client or you can hear about an opportunity that is looking to hire a fresh voice. The lesson here is that you have to create luck for yourself and to take advantage of it when it finally arrives.


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