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Daytime Jobs For Writers: Finding The Best Opportunities

Wanting to be a professional freelance writer or finding a way to do it as a full-time job is a great idea, especially if it is what you love doing. However, there are some great benefits that come with keeping your day job while you are getting on your feet. The real question is what day job is best for writers? Below is a list of the best daytime jobs for writers to research.

Script Development

Not only does this allow you to stay in the industry but you may also get slightly more flexible hours. In addition to this, once you have written your own work you will be able to pass it to the right people to get a professional opinion. Working in the writing industry is all about connections.

Personal Assistant

Getting a PA job is great for making the right connections. You can apply for jobs within the writing industry. For example, if you become a writer’s PA or an editor's PA, you will be able to meet people that could get you a foot in and, therefore, start writing as a freelancer for an actual firm.

Online Writing Jobs

You don’t need to be working in an office to be making enough money to pay your living expenses. There are a number of online jobs for freelancers. These could be working for a client that sends you topics to write about for their website or blog or even helping someone write a script.

Theatre, English or Creative Writing Teacher

By training as a teacher, you will be able to learn about the more technical side of writing. Not only this but also this will enable you to research the best way to get started in the industry. If you choose to become a substitute teacher or even a part-time assistant, you will be given a little more flexibility and, therefore, more time to do your own work.

Free Time Does Not Necessarily Mean Productivity

Yes, if you are not working you have all the free time in the world to write. However, having a lot of free time does not mean you will be productive with it. Having time away from your writing desk or computer means your mind is fresh when you get back to it. Also, if you opt for a daytime job that involves writing you may find it hard to concentrate on your own project once you get home. Using your brain all day before starting to write could drain you of all creativity. Therefore, working a completely unrelated job could really help your creativity, for example stacking supermarket shelves or working in a warehouse.


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