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Looking For Well-Paid Freelance Writer Jobs: How Not To Get Scammed

Scammers have gotten smarter with trying to scam freelance writers, when you are starting to look for a freelance writing job make sure you do all of your research before you start. Here is a list of the most popular scams that people to do to freelance writers.

Freelance Writer Job Scams

  • So you get a client and you talk over a amount for the project and they want you to start right away so you sign the contract and then find out later that you are getting paid less than you agreed on. That is because you didn’t read the contract before you signed it, the client changed the rate in it and you signed. You want to make sure that you read over your contracts before you sign them.
  • A client offers you a project for a low fee but promises later that the price will go up but then they disappear and find another writer to prey on. Don’t fall for this kind of work. Keep your rate and if you do discount it, make the discount reasonable.
  • A client that gets your work and wants you to do revision after revision and then fire you because of your work. This is one of the ways that clients get free work out of writers, they say they don’t like their work and make them fix it and then fire them and use there work, which is good work. Make sure that you contract has a place for revisions in it, saying that if they want you to revise it more than one then you have to get paid extra.
  • Some scammers will hire a writer to write stuff for them and then not pay them. This kind of scam doesn’t last very long, the writers usually stop after the first missed payment. Then the client will disappear and not pay them. They can be consistent with them and try to get paid but most of the time they are left out in the cold. Always ask for at least half of the money up front, if they don’t want to pay it then they probably won’t pay you at all.
  • Job sites that make you pay to access their database; places like Media Match are guilt of this. There are tons of free sites out there where you don’t have to pay a membership to look for a job.

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