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5 Benefits Of Freelance Writing Jobs You’ll Never Get Elsewhere

Freelance writing is quickly becoming the envy of working adults. It offers a great living and has several benefits that you’ll never really get elsewhere. Freelance writing offers a lot of flexibility and can be a great way of escaping the grind of a regular office job. Here are five benefits you probably weren’t aware of:

  • Not Having to Report to a Boss
  • The opportunity to work on your own frees you up from the inconvenience, and sometimes annoyance, of having to report to a boss. Sure, you still communicate with your clients who can be seen as temporary bosses while you complete their projects, but you won’t have to sit through quarterly employee reviews or have to meet eye to eye with a professional authority figure.

  • Setting Your Own Schedule
  • Working for yourself gives you the freedom to set your own schedule. Are you more productive late at night? Or are you an early rise who likes to accomplish things before the sun is up? Do you like taking long naps in the middle of day, or taking time off to enjoy a few hours at the beach or getting some exercise done? No matter your preference, you’ll be able to set the schedule that works best for you.

  • Working from Anywhere You Please
  • Have you seen those pictures of people sitting on the beach, looking relaxed while they type away at the keyboard on their laptops? They’re probably freelance writers. This is just the lifestyle this profession offers people. Some people prefer the quite solitude of a park or enjoy the hustle and bustle that comes from getting assignments done in a coffee shop or restaurant. Whatever makes for your kind of paradise can be turned into a personal office. This is a benefit you won’t find any place else.

  • Taking a Vacation When You Want
  • Most people enjoy the opportunity of being able to take some time off whenever they please. And really, who can blame them? Not having to schedule mini or long vacations around employers’ and co-workers schedules is one of those perks that makes freelancing well worth trying out at one point or another in your career. Just be sure you don’t overdo those days off… you’ll have to get back to work one day!

  • Working on Your Favorite Projects
  • Freelance writing lets you work on only those projects you feel comfortable with and enjoy getting done. Hate reports or writing white papers? Just don’t take on these types of assignments. Enjoy working on creative pieces? Well, now you can make sure you apply to jobs that meet your criteria. A professional career as a freelance writer can be a truly enjoyable experience that doesn’t seem like work at all.


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