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How To Become A Freelance Greeting Card Writer – A Complete Tutorial

Whilst many individuals will try and get into the writing industry by choosing particular categories to specializing, such as travel writing or copywriting, which are very popular, it can sometimes be easier to specialize in a particular category which might not necessarily be so popular. Essentially, if you try and specialize in a niche whether might not be as much competition, it can make it far easier to win work.

However, the negative side of things is that they might not necessarily be quite as much work available. Nevertheless, if you do specialize in a particular niche, and you can develop a good reputation for yourself, then it can be easier to beat the competition to any work that becomes available

For example, you may wish to become a greeting card writer and, if this is the case, then the following tutorial will explain how you can develop a career in this particular writing category.

  • Deciding what kind of events or occasions you wish to write greeting cards for
  • It can be a good idea to try and decide what kind of occasions you might wish to write greeting cards for. For example, you may wish to write greeting cards for birthdays and other important anniversaries. Alternatively, you may wish to write cards for weddings and other important life events.

  • Writing generic messages or personalized greetings
  • You may wish to decide whether you are going to write generic messages, which can be reprinted in a range of different cards or, alternatively, it might be that you wish to write personalized messages, on behalf of individual clients.

  • Looking for work on freelance websites
  • If you are looking for work then freelance websites can be the best place to start. In fact, you will find a wide range of writing opportunities on these websites, not only jobs relating to greeting card writing.

  • Advertising your services
  • It can also be a good idea to try and use as many methods as possible to find relevant work, including advertising your services, either online or in relevant publications, such as wedding planner magazines, if you want to write greeting cards for weddings.

  • Contacting clients privately
  • As well as advertising your services, you may wish to consider contacting clients privately, to see if they need a greeting card writer. For example, you may wish to contact any major producers of greeting cards.


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