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An Easy Strategy You Can Use To Get Paid To Write Short Articles Online

You wish to earn money for the articles you write but are not clear about how to do it. Here is the rub. The online world is festooned with opportunities and you just have to hit the right button to play along.

  • The easiest strategy to do this is to create distinct short articles on a trendy topic. You may prepare, say, 5 of them. You can then offer them to buyers on work platform or even freely. The good thing with these articles is that they are not spin-offs. Thus, their vitality and existence is of greater pedigree.
  • Most employers tend to buy short articles and then spin them off to use them on different blogs and academic sites. They make use of resurgent software for this. They will surely realize the value of distinct and different articles on a trendy topic.
  • While applying for a job to write short articles, online, you should keep potent samples handy. You should prepare relevant cover letters and suggest that you are good at the work as long as the articles do not exceed 300 words.
  • You can attach your unpublished sample and also put in your skype or mail id for them to contact you. With regular applications, you are bound to get a response sooner rather than later.
  • You should be clear about the topics you will be able to compass. You should not pick something you won’t be comfortable with. You should also suggest your strong points; say, you may be extraordinary with fashion articles.
  • Once you get the assignment, you can grade the number of articles you can manage per day. Stick to your schedule and infuse passion and magic in every article of yours. They should not appear as culminations of a tired mind.
  • You can request the employer for references and long term work. There are people who utilize short articles on blogs (in fact there are lots of them). If you are good with your work, your job will be more or less sealed. You should also be poignant while negotiating with the price. Analyze the indispensability factor; this will give you a clear indication.

Keep reinventing

Of course, in time, you can also graduate to long articles, provided they are up your street. In writing, it is essential to keep reinventing yourself. You should also go through some of the eminent samples and absorb the finer nuance from them in order to become a more accomplished writer.


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