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How To Find A Freelance Writing Job: 5 Great Solutions

Freelance writing is a mixed bag. Those who get lucrative jobs wax eloquent about the vocation. Those who get stagnant or even fall prey to duping strategies feel it is a hoax. However, this does not mean that freelance writing cannot cut a creditable path.

5 sturdy ways

There are avenues to get worthy writing jobs that pay well and operate with reasonable efficiency and transparency. Here are 5 suggestive ways to get these jobs –

  1. Online work platform – Register into one of the global online work platform and apply to those clients whose payment status is verified. You will be sure of buns in the oven when you cook. Regarding lucrative offers, that takes a different disposition altogether.
  2. Freelancer’s reference – It helps if you have a commendable freelancer as your friend. He can refer you to one of his clients who have innumerable work up his sleeve. You will however have to labor hard to do justice to the faith shown by your friend and by extension the client.
  3. Creating a blog site – You may spend a little money and create a blog site which you operate yourself. Update it with blogs and link it through your Facebook profile. Suggest there that you are willing to work as a paid writer provided the work and payment suits you. You should get positive responses soon enough.
  4. Applying directly – Google content writing (through different angles) and you will come across work providers who pay worthy rates for completed works. You may take a dash at one of the providers and strike a personal relation with him so that the relationship develops. Make sure that you do not miss deadlines or do not compromise with the standards of the articles.
  5. Forum assistance – Join active forums and ask online guys how you can get credible freelance assignments. People will come out with different ideas and some will even offer you a connection with credible work providers. You can also use the network on LinkedIn, a social media site which most freelance work providers are active on. Remember to keep some fetching samples along with you.

Thing to remember

Remember that while getting a writing job may not be that difficult, maintaining the work and impressing the client is redoubtably, a significant pursuit. You cannot afford to sustain yourself by being frivolous. Thus, you should spare no avenues in improving your writing standards and thus, your credentials.


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