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How To Make A Career As A Freelance Writer: A Step-By-Step Guide

Many people now are discovering their writing talents and, through the internet, trying to earn a living out of them. It’s a rewarding and challenging experience. However, it is not the easiest path to making into a career. To help you make the right start, read the following instructions.

Starting out

When starting out on your path to being a freelance writer, it is essential to bear these things in mind:

  • You must be prepared. Having written examples of your work is an absolute must because any potential employer will expect to be able to sample your writing before hiring.
  • Practice, all the time, everywhere. Employers will be looking for people with lots of experience writing in multiple different genres about varying topics. So whenever and wherever you can, try something new: start a blog, write a novel, and record a radio play. The possibilities are endless!

Getting hired

There are plenty of jobs out there for budding freelance writers, but you have to get yourself noticed to be in with a chance of competing with others.

  • Sell yourself! Whatever experiences you have are going to feed into your writing, so talk about your travels, your love life, and your hobbies. The more interests you have, the more interesting you are!
  • Put yourself on as many online platforms as possible. Nowadays it is much easier to make a living out of writing because of the advent of the internet. Find as many freelance websites as you can, sign up to them all and watch the job offers come rolling in!
  • Never take on more than you can feasibly complete. It is tempting at first to take all the jobs you are offered, but this can be troublesome further down the line when something unforeseen happens and prevents you from meeting deadlines. You will then upset your clients, have poorer reviews and get less work in the future.

Maintaining professional relationships

Once you’ve been hired, you will want to keep a hold of your employer in case they need extra work done in the future. Building and maintaining relationships with your clients, therefore, is a key, ongoing part of your career as a freelance writer. Remember always to be honest, too. Most employers will ask you for feedback and value your opinions. If a deadline was particularly tight or something unreasonable was asked of you, say so: next time things will run more smoothly, and both you and your boss will be happier with the results.


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