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Helpful Tips On How To Find Good Freelance Poem Writing Jobs

Poets are not known for making oodles of money, but there is money to be made in the world of poetry. The freelance writing world has opportunities that creative writers will love, including poetry jobs. The key to finding the best poetry jobs for freelancers is to know where to look. Here are some suggestions:

  • Large freelancing sites: When millions of people are together on one website exchanging freelance opportunities, you are bound to find something that will satisfy your creative writing dreams. When you use a large freelancing site, it is important that you maintain a positive reputation. With a strong reputation, the exciting poetry and creative writing opportunities will come to you. On a large freelancing site, you might be able to find a long-term position that allows you some freedom in the style you use. For example, you might find a job where you get to be a regular blogger. This might not sound like the ideal job for a poet, but you might be able to write poems for some of the posts.
  • Media freelancing sites: Media sites have a smaller client base, but the opportunities not only include freelancing positions, but actual careers, too. These jobs tend to last longer than the ones offered on large freelancing sites. The majority of the opportunities are for major media outlets as well as the smaller companies that feed into them. You might be able to find song-writing positions as way to stretch your poetry writing abilities. Some sites might want actual poems written, possibly for magazines, television programs, or other media.
  • Creative writing blogs: Finding creative freelancing positions, like poetry writing, involves creative searching. There are bloggers who have busy sites and want creative pieces to add variety to their websites. You might not make much money off of the blog sites, but you will get your name out there to the general public online.
  • Check out poetry contests: These might not be actual freelance sites, but contests can catch the attention of clients who want to hire poets. You might be able to find contests on smaller freelance sites or on print and online magazines. Once you have pieces published in reputable magazines, then your opportunities for freelance positions as a poetry writer will increase exponentially.

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