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Searching for Promising Freelance Blog Writing Jobs from Home: 5 Great Suggestions

I am a teacher, but I work on the side at home as a freelance writer. I am able to fit the job around my career, and work when I have time. One of the most interesting jobs I have been hired for is to blog. It is fun because it tends to be less stringent and formal. I do this work from home in the evenings and on the weekend. Any freelancer can tell you there are 5 great suggestions for searching for promising freelance blog writing jobs from home.

Suggestions for 5 Great Places to Look for Home Based Freelance Blog Writing Jobs

  1. General online search-you can do a general keyword search online and look for promising blog jobs. This is more of a shot in the dark searching and would take up a lot of time, but I have gotten some jobs this way.
  2. Third party freelance companies-this is my favorite and most productive way to obtain work. And I have gotten 2-3 repeat customers who fill my schedule for me. You pay a small fee, set up a profile, and then bid on the work. The clients can leave reviews, and you can post sample work or references. This way is nice because the payment is escrowed and then released at the job’s end. After a while, I discovered that the clients were coming to me, so I could concentrate on writing. It is literally one-stop freelance blog shopping.
  3. Marketing companies-this method may be harder to do, but the end results are lovely. Contact any local marketing or advertising companies and let them know you are available for work from home. You will have to pester them, but once they have overflow work and need you, you will get repeat work if they like you.
  4. Website success-build a website that has SEO driven copy. This way when people search for hired work, your site will come up with their results. Traffic for the jobs will flow to your site.
  5. Direct contact with companies whom blog-if you know the names of companies who require home based writers, then send them your resume with a cover letter and samples. All you really need is to get 2-3 to hire you and you will be fine for at home work.

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