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Becoming A Freelance Resume Writer: Useful Advice To Take Into Account

Freelance writing is a popular business nowadays. The one of its branches is resume writing. A resume writer creates resumes for other people. Services of resume writers are rather helpful, because not everyone can write a resume that will attract many clients. Obviously, experienced resume writers earn good money. If you feel like it’s you course and you want to be a freelance resume writer, read this article to learn how to start your career and find first clients.

  1. Improve your writing skills.
  2. As any writer you should have excellent skills in this field. The best way is to get a degree in writing. However, if you don’t have such an opportunity, you may visit writing courses in order to improve your skills.

  3. Attend resume writing courses.
  4. It’s not enough just to be a good writer. Resume writing has plenty of features that aren’t known by ordinary people. Look for resume writing courses. You may find some teaching organizations in your town or search for online courses on the Internet. It doesn’t matter where to study, the main thing is to gain necessary knowledge and skills.

  5. Write example resumes.
  6. Nobody will pay you for your services if you don’t have any proof of your professionalism. To start your portfolio you may write a resume for yourself. Additionally, you may ask your friends whether they need professionally written resumes. Write your first works for free in order to show them as examples for your potential clients.

  7. Create a professional site.
  8. This is a convenient and effective way to advertise both yourself and your works. Create your personal website. Write briefly about yourself, indicate the services you offer, and leave contact information, so that potential clients could address you personally. Post the example resumes on your site to demonstrate the level of your professionalism.

  9. Link your site to social networks.
  10. Social networks are the most popular sites nowadays. The majority of people find new information on these sites. You should create your professional accounts with links to your site on famous social networks. In this way you’ll be able to advertise your site much better, and the chance that potential clients will notice you will increase.

  11. Look for clients on job boards.
  12. You shouldn’t ignore job boards. There are huge amounts of job offers on these sites. Freelance writers may find very good clients there. This applies to freelance resume writers as well.

These tips will help you begin your career. When you’ll have your first paid resumes, things will go much faster.


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