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How To Start A Career As A Freelance Writer: A 5-Step Guide

It is not surprising that there are an increasing number of people aspiring to become successful in freelancing as their career. However, freelancing requires strong self-motivation and it could be difficult when you start. Procrastination will only lead to less income and that is not acceptable for freelancers.

As with any other careers, it will take time to build a career in freelance writing. This is 5-step guide to help you set in the right direction.

Step 1: Make changes now

Unless you are a student in full-time education at the moment, it is likely that you are in a full time job. This may be a difficult task but you have to quit your current job if you want to succeed in freelancing. It’s about making a choice and you should make a quick decision.

Once you have decided, don’t look back. You may start off with less earnings that you are making now, but don’t be discouraged. If you have the determination and skills, you will make a lot more than you are making from your regular income.

Step 2: Find out what areas you are skilled at

It is a common misconception that all kinds of writing are the same. However, that is a myth. Writers specialize in different areas; as with banking, there is private banking, retail banking, investment banking etc. Focus on one key area that you are confident in and work towards your goals. Trying to specialize in all sectors will only be detrimental to your career.

Step 3: Get some samples

A very important step about freelancing is to have samples. You need a good and attractive portfolio to impress clients. When you are writing samples, it should be the best work that you have. Also, it should be a variety of work that shows you are a capable writer. In another words, the more samples you can provide, the more likely that prospective clients will hire you.

Step 4: Don’t be overconfident

Start off with small jobs and consider every opportunity. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a dream, but you have to understand that everyone starts from the bottom. Do a good job and you will move up naturally.

Step 5: Set rates appropriately

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of freelancing, new freelancers may struggle to set the right price for their works. However, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to research what others are paying. Check what other freelancers are making and set your price accordingly.

Follow this 5-step guide and you will be on your way to a bright freelancing career.


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