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How To Succeed In Freelance Content Writing: 5 Great Tips

If you want to become a successful freelance writer, you will need to work very hard. This job can be very pleasant and bring you a lot of money. However, it is demanding as well and can be quite stressful. In case you want to make freelance content writing your main source of income, the following tips will help you:

  1. Become a good writer.
  2. You need to be a professional if you want to get good jobs. School-level creative writing skills will not be enough if you want to quit your day job and focus solely on copywriting. This is why you should enroll in some writing class as well as try to improve your skills and expand your vocabulary by reading and participating in different contents. Though, professional classes are the best option as there you will learn many important tricks that will help you in your chosen career.

  3. Learn how to market yourself.
  4. Good jobs won’t come to you of their own volition. You need to search for them and sometimes even fight for them. To do this, you will need some top-of-the-line “weapons”. Your personal writing arsenal must consist of a collection of excellent samples that illustrate your talent and skill (portfolio) and a great pitch. Do not ever use a generic pitch to send out to several companies. You need to personalize every single one of them to show the prospective clients that you are really serious about working with them.

  5. Be professional at everything you do.
  6. It’s not only your writing skills that the clients will appreciate. You also need to offer excellent service and even some discounts and loyalty programs. Think of yourself as a businessman and treat the clients the way you’d like to be treated.

  7. Always meet the deadlines.
  8. The world of content writing is extremely fast-paced. This can pose some difficulties to beginner authors as they do not have enough experience to handle big assignments quickly and efficiently. You must consider this and be realistic when setting deadlines. Being late on assignments will ruin your reputation before you get the chance to build it properly.

  9. Always stay active and search for ideas everywhere.
  10. You need to be able to create content that is both interesting and relevant. This means that you need to be informed of any changes in the field you are writing about. Sign up for newsletters, follow some blogs and social media pages relevant to the subject you specialize in. You will also benefit from attending social events and seminars where you can improve your skills and hear some new ideas.


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