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In Search Of Interesting Freelance Jobs In Writing: 5 Helpful Hints

Getting a freelance job in writing comes with a fair share of surprises. There may be instances where you work day and night for one client and they suddenly stop communicating. Some company may refuse to acknowledge your work outright while another may plagiarize your work. But in the end the freedom and satisfaction you get from the job makes it totally worth it.

Finding interesting jobs

So if you are thinking about starting out in the wonderful world of freelance writing, do not hesitate. Here are five basic tips to help you find interesting jobs in writing:

  1. Go through the clients requirements. Most job descriptions are same and they are looking for someone who can just join words into sentences. Take them if you need an assignment desperately but otherwise you can skip them. If you are confident of your creativity then go for the jobs which require imaginative people.
  2. If you are passionate about any specific genre, try finding work in that segment. For instance if you like cars and bikes you can apply in blogs that write automobile reviews. If you are a fashion forward person then you can try to find assignment for fashion magazines and websites which write reviews on various dresses and style statement. For a job to be interesting the topic has to be appealing to you and only then will you as a writer, be able to bring out the best in you.
  3. Once you have gained some prominence as a writer approach the various media house and ask if they will buy your work or not? They often require feature articles and can use your services. Of course you can go to a newspaper or specific magazine’s office but a media house will have more work because they cater to various papers and magazines and hence they will hire you more quickly.
  4. When getting jobs from web portals it is useful to do some background research on the company or person who is going to hire you. This way you will know whether the company is genuine or not, however many startups without any background history also hire freelancers. In such situations there is nothing you can do but trust your instincts.
  5. The portal from which you secure job must also be a popular one. This will ensure security and peace of mind.

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