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How To Make Any Service Hire You As A Freelance Writer

The best things you can do as a freelancer to further your career is to a. polish up your English grammar and punctuation skills, b. take lots of freelancing tests to show clients how good you are with English grammar, British grammar and the differences from English grammar (three fourths of the clients are not American anyway) and to create a stunning profile. Also, you will want to write one, good, base cover letter that you can use for virtually any job, because no one can keep up with freelance writing AND applying for beaucoup jobs at the same time.

  • First, Bone up on your English and grammar skills
  • No one wants to hire a freelancer if they are going to spend more time hiring someone to clean up this person’s grammar and spend even more money. English grammar is very, very complex and it takes years to master it fully. I recommend the Oxford English grammar for any serious student of grammar and read it cover to cover. What you need to really boost your English grammar skills are really good books full of quality exercises. I spent a whole day looking at exercises on the web on commas and even the exercises were written wrong. That is because complex comma rules are just that – very complex, dear!

  • Write One Really Good Base Cover Letter About Yourself
  • Make sure to include everything. Do not overwhelm you reader with all of your accomplishments at once. Make sure your cover letter reads like a well written essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion so they know from your sample you can really write. Not everyone on these sites can really write.

  • Do Not Forget, Some of the Best Freelancing Jobs are not Writing Jobs
  • If you have a gift for website design, graphic design, and logos and whatnot, freelancing is the way to go. Many people approach these sites who need a fantastic website put together and these types of jobs pay very well and it is easy to build up a client base easily and quickly. Soon, after one good, solid recommendation, you will have scads of clients.

  • Try to Improve Your Vocabulary Every Day
  • I try to learn at least one, new challenging word every day to keep my vocabulary ever-evolving. You must have a strong vocabulary to be a good writer.


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