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Great Tips For Freelance Writing: How To Update Your Editing Skills

Freelance writers have great flexibility and choice when it comes to work. They do not have to worry about getting up early and making it to work on time. They can get up at any time of the day they want and start working on their laptop without having to getting ready for the work place. They work on jobs that suit their skills and budget rather than working for boring and repetitive tasks from a boss. They know that whatever they work for is paid in the end and no one else is going to have a share in their earning. If you choose to be self-employed and work on your own then you will have to keep a few considerations in mind. Do not fall for a career by thinking it pays well. You need to have specific skills to do certain kind of jobs and execute them successfully. If you are good at editing and proof reading that does not make you a great writer, you should pursue editing. If you are good at writing then forget about editing jobs and pursue your career as a writer.

Sometimes it can so happen that the client wants you to write and edit the work both. You can either be honest with them or tell them this is not your expertise or work on your skills. To improve your editing skills you need to be genuinely interested in the task. You cannot perform better if you are doing it out of pressure. Editing is not a rocket science that you cannot learn. If you have genuine interest and motivation, you will be able to improve your editing skills soon enough

Here is a list of suggestions for those writers who want to improve their editing skills

  1. Know the basics
  2. Stay consistent
  3. Practice your skills
  4. Read expert written papers to get a better understanding of your field
  5. Be aware of the latest trends and techniques
  6. Know the latest techniques and trends in the editing world and keep yourself updated with them
  7. Identify your weaknesses

You will have certain areas that require more effort than others do. You may be excellent at tenses and their use but have problems in punctuation or use of first person. Identify the area where you need most improvement and work on it


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