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Recommendations For Newbies Looking For Freelance Fiction Writing Jobs

You put in a lot of time and effort attempting to study and knock out homework assignments. While you're at it, you also have to earn money to pay for your portion of the apartment. Maybe you're having a hard time finding work, and you're looking to online freelance writing jobs. Between writing essays and studying for tests, you don't have a lot of time to look for work. There is work for part-time students.

If you're serious about doing the work, look on a community website that list work directly for students. That is one of the best ways to get freelance writing work. Consider posting an ad, or simply look for college writing ads. There are some things you'll need be prepared to prove. Your English comprehension and ability is one of them. Here are some other things.

  • Your grammar is reasonable, even for a college student.
  • That you actually care a tiny bit about what you're writing about, and you're not just writing complete junk.
  • You don't want to copy what someone else has already written. Even work for newbies goes through a bit of system that checks for work that has already been published.

There are also websites for parents, singles and just those who have a passion for writing who write on the side for money. Look up writing gigs for newbies. You will usually not earn a ton of money. It all depends on a number of factors. You'll be asked (possibly) or even just want to mention how many words you type per minute. The faster you type, the more you can potentially earn. Make sure you are applying for work that is familiar to you, or that would be super easy to do a little research on.

Clients may ask you to submit samples, which is good. They want to see your writing style. Send them something you have written before. Write a few samples ahead of time so you are prepared to send them examples of your writing style. For beginners, aka, newbies, a content mill is almost easier to get writing experience with. You earn money, and at least for a little while the work is there to stay. Just don't depend on freelancing through a content mill for the long haul.


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