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How To Get Freelance Content Writing Jobs: Useful Tips For Starters

Great places for winning your first job

For budding writers who are looking for ways of winning their first freelance writing job, the internet is a great place to look. There are several websites dedicated to offering freelance jobs for people who possess a wide range of talents, including freelance writing.

Whether you are looking to write fictional stories, marketing copy, articles or a wide range of other written work, there are plenty of jobs advertised every day.

Developing a portfolio

When you are just starting out, and are yet to build up a reputation, it can important to have some kind of portfolio. Of course, if you have not been awarded any jobs then you may feel that you have nothing to use for a portfolio. However, you do not necessarily need to use examples of written work that you have been paid for – until you get your first paid job, it is possible to use other samples of writing that you may have done.

Essentially, potential clients want to see what your skills are like, as well as what style you will bring to the job. You could even try and write some articles for non-paying sites, just to help build your portfolio up.

Writing when you are not working

As well as writing samples to help build up an initial portfolio, it can be good to get into the habit of writing even when you are not getting paid for it. As a writer, it is advisable to have your own website, or at the very least, your own blog. Try and keep this updated as regularly as you can, as it can act as a great way of winning or impressing new potential clients.

Getting into the habit of writing also helps you to practice your skills, so as to help you improve. It can also help you to get noticed by other people, which can in turn lead to new work.

Communication and keeping on top of deadlines

Once you start being awarded you first few jobs, it is important to communicate with the client, as well as keeping on top of deadlines. By giving the right impression, it increases the chances of getting repeat work, as well as potentially finding new clients via word of mouth. Equally, by developing a good reputation and gaining good references, it will make winning future work much easier.


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