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How To Get The Best Freelance Political Writing Jobs

Okay, so you don’t just want any freelance writing job, you want a political writing job. Maybe you plan on majoring in Political Science or are interested in a career in journalism, or God forbid, politics. In which case getting some political writing experience will not only help you pay your bills while you are at college. It will also give you invaluable experience when it comes to getting a job in the real world.

Unlike regular freelance content writing jobs that are readily available, you are not just going to walk into a political writing job; unless of course you happen to have the right contacts.

Left, right, or Centre

Your own political views will undoubtedly shape your ability to write an unbiased article. Depending upon the kind of publication that you end up writing for this may or may not matter. Either way, it is something that you should consider. If you have no particular political viewpoint or are nestled perfectly in the centre, then there may be a broader scope of work out there for you. There are not many great political writers out there that can truly sit on the fence. Unless they write for a news organisation that is not allowed to show bias, and then most will at some point in their career come down on one side or another. If you can see it from all sides, then you might find yourself in greater demand.

Recruitment agencies

A standard search of a few of the major recruitment agencies for Freelance Political Writers has brought up several possibilities. Unlike with sites which specialise in hiring freelance staff, the recruitment process via the agencies is more stringent – even for freelance staff. You should be prepared to submit a curriculum vitae, covering letter and samples of your work. You might consider the time investment worth it though, as political writing jobs will invariably pay more than standard writing jobs. (Rates that I have seen advertised are up to $27 per hour)

A word of caution

Beware of sites that just harvest their information from other sites and sources. Yes, they may look appealing, and they are worth browsing to see what is out there. However, if for example you come across a site that is advertising a political writing job that is advertised elsewhere, then as is always the case with brokers there is a strong chance that you might be able to negotiate more attractive terms by going direct to the source.


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