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5 Main Benefits Of Getting A Freelance Writing Position

Freelance writing is one of the most growing careers in the world today. With the advancements in information technology, the internet seems to take over the entire world. It has changed the way we act, live, communicate, shop, work or run a business. People can now evaluate their buying preferences and investment opportunities by sitting at home and on the go on their mobile devices. The case is similar with freelance industry. Freelance means not having a boss or a permanent employer and being able to work for your own self. Either you can work on contracts that are based for a certain job or you work on time-based contracts. You have a choice to work on a certain kind of jobs or to pick a certain skill for yourself. It is different from a regular job in many ways. You do not have a monthly payment or salary, you do not get health insurances or medical allowance, you are not able to avail the rest of company benefits that permanent employees have. However, the advantages of being a freelance writer are huge. Stay at home mothers, students, professional writers and anyone looking to save some money for a big event can join the industry and build their career.

Even though this term is new for many people and the industry is not as established as others in comparison but it does offer huge benefits. This is the reason why more and more people switch to self-employed career type. If all you worry about are the health insurance and other company benefits you can have them in some form if you research properly and figure out your situation.

This article will talk about the top five advantages of having a freelance writing position

NO boss at all

The best thing about being a freelancer is that you do not have to put up with an annoying boss. You do not feel guilt or indebted because you are working in their organization. You choose to work for yourself and keep all the profit margin too

Work on your own schedule

Decide when you want to work or not. Take a vacation to the beach and work from there

Save more, spend less

No running expenses of commuting to the office or wearing suits to the workplace

Build your career

Job opportunities will keep arising once you finish your first

Love what you do

Follow your passion and have a great career


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