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Where To Look For Newspaper Jobs- Suggestions For Freelance Writers

There are a few places that every writer strives to work. One of them is for a newspaper. It is a prestigious position that most writers would give up just about anything to hold. When you are a freelance writer, the task of working for a newspaper is a little more far-fetched. That is mostly because most newspapers hire individuals on a more permanent basis. However, this is a fairly interesting misconception. The newspaper has to beat out a lot of other places where people get their news, therefore, they have to keep costs down to stay in business.

That means that hiring a full time writer to work for the paper is not always a very productive idea. It is best that they hire writers on a contract to contract basis and that gives freelance writers their in.

Finding one of these jobs on the other hand is a little harder than you would think. You have to sift through millions of job listings to find the ones that feature newspaper jobs. The best way to accomplish finding one without driving yourself insane is to look in the right place. Here are some places to look for newspaper jobs.

  1. Job posting sites
  2. This may be obvious to some people but a lot of people associate these outlets for brick and mortar jobs. This is a misconception because newspapers will use these sites to look for freelancers as well. You can sign up with many of these sites and get a regular listing of jobs sent right to your e-mail. Work the jobs that are there that you can handle until you have the job that you want. All of that practice and information that you can add to your profile will benefit you in the future.

  3. Freelance sites
  4. One of the easiest places to find jobs is through one of these sites. You can post a solid profile so that newspapers can be looking for you while you are looking for them. It is also a great way to narrow down your search because most of these sites offer listings that can be narrowed down in their database to work better for your situation.

Getting a hold of a newspaper job is a great rush and when you see your name published for the first time it is such a good feeling. You can get your work published in a paper as long as you know where to look.


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