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Magazine Freelance Writing: How To Get A Well-Paid Job

You have been writing freelance for a while, and the constant hustle for contracts is getting tiring. You can list a good portfolio of work, and your writing has improved. What you would really like is a long term contract or someone to commission a series of short articles from you. How do you go about arranging this?

Strangely enough magazines are constantly on the search for words to fill their pages and their online presence needs even more so that he advertisers know they are getting their money’s worth from viewings.

So how do you get started?

  • The first thing is researching your market. Choose the magazines you want to write for and read lots of back issues. Get a feel for the sort of article they publish and the style of writing. In your query letter, you will get the attention of the editor more quickly if you can pitch an article idea that suits a particular page in his or her magazine. It shows you know the business.
  • Before you can make your pitch, you need ideas for articles. Inspiration is not going to drop the perfect article idea in your head. You will need several ideas on the go, so start generating ideas, mind mapping, brainstorming, clipping current affairs out of the newspaper, bookmarking the right sites on the internet, or even seeing what your target magazine has published before and putting a new twist on it. If you don’t have the idea the magazine wants first time, you can keep trying if you have more than one idea.
  • Write the perfect query letter. There are articles online which tell you how to go about this, but the most important thing to remember is “practice makes perfect”. If you don’t get the job first time, keep going. The first time doing anything it is going to be bad. You get better with time and eventually you will have that killer query.
  • Keep clippings of your published work. Magazine editors like to see that you can turn an idea into a story where you present that idea with your own twist on it. Even if you have just been copywriting, with no byline, the words are still yours. A grateful client will give you a testimonial, just put it next to a link to your work.

There are magazines with national circulations and small niche magazines, and all of them need content. Time to get polishing your query.


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