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How To Find Freelance TV Writing Jobs: Useful Strategies For Beginners

If you want to know how to find freelance TV writing jobs, you should follow these useful strategies for beginners:

  1. You want to start working with a reputable freelance platform. This is perhaps one of the best resources available today to any freelance provider. Gone are the days when you have to market yourself to every person on the street or hope that word of mouth is sufficient in getting you long term contracts. Now you can join a freelance platform and still maintain the freedom of working as a contractor, but have a venue through which you are connected to clients.
  2. There are two main providers today, and soon enough there will be only one for better or for worse. But freelance platforms are now cropping up left, right, and center trying to become the next big money making platform. The only catch when working with these companies is that they take a small commission for every job you have, roughly 8-12 percent. This fee ranges based on the job type and your experience, as well as the platform. Not all platforms charge this, but the ones where TV jobs are posted will. Now, there are ways around this, such as raising your standard fee to include the fee so that the client pays it. This ensures you are not working for crumbs and that you can actually make a living.

  3. You want to search daily. Once you sign up for these sites, perhaps the best aspect to them aside from financial and legal protection is that new jobs are posted daily. This means that each day there is something new, almost every hour, which relates specifically to your niche. You can search for all jobs or specific jobs in your niche. You can look only for postings related to script writing or editing, or postings related to news content, press releases, web content for a new television show or production company, etc… There are limitless options at your disposal.
  4. You want to bid appropriately. Bidding on jobs is often a new and frightening concept for people. Most people go through the interview process once or twice in their lives and never face it again. But with freelance work you have to go through that process daily. You have to brag about what sets you apart, or you will be left behind. This is not the place for modesty.

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