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5 Things To Consider Before Starting To Look For Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writing is not for everyone, but for other reasons than many people believe. You do not need to be exceptionally talented to earn your living as a writer; neither need you a journalist diploma of a prestigious university. However, there are five things without which you hardly can become a successful freelancer. Check whether you have them before you start looking for your first gig.

  1. Your passion for writing.
  2. Would you like to spend your whole life writing? If the answer is no, this job is probably not for you. As a freelancer, you will need to do lots of writing on a regular basis, and not all the topics you’ll have to deal with might be of your personal interest. If you do not love writing in the beginning, a couple of months later you will hate it.

  3. Your financial reserves.
  4. Beginners in freelance writing seldom get a constant and well-paying workload right away. There might be long periods when you won’t be able to get any orders at all. Experienced freelancers recommend that you have a money reserve as large as your six months’ salary to pay your bills before your career takes up. If you do not have any savings, it is better not to quit your daily job. Look for your first gigs while retaining it.

  5. Your actual writing skill.
  6. Look at your last essays or blog posts critically. Are they really well-written? If you think they are perfect, in fact they are probably not. On the other side, if you think they are horrible, you might be too hard on yourself. Show your writing samples to several people whose judgment you trust, and ask whether they think these pieces are good or not. To ensure objectivity, it is better not to say that the samples are yours. If everyone says the same, they are probably right. If opinions differ, the only way to know which side is right is to try.

  7. Your self-discipline.
  8. A freelancer has to be his or her own boss. Can you make yourself overcome tiredness or bad mood to do what you need done? Can you plan the time needed to complete a particular task? Are you good at meeting deadlines? In this occupation, you need an excellent discipline.

  9. Your interpersonal skills.
  10. Writing is not the best job for those who have trouble communicating with people. As a freelancer, you need to be able to market yourself to customers. Can you persuade anyone that they should hire you? Can you speak about your merits and achievements openly? The art of self-presentation is not less important to master than writing.


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