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How to Make More Money: A Guide for Freelance Script Writers

We’ve all thought about the glitz and glamour that comes from writing the next Academy Award winning script. It happens every year. A single even brings an unknown writer to the forefront and catapults him or her into history. This isn’t a bad dream to have but one should know that most of those awarding winning script writers got their start as freelancers. And freelance writing, in general, can be a great way to make a living. Here are some tips on how to make more money doing this line of work:

Create a Profile that Attracts Clients

Like in any other freelancing niche you should always create and maintain an attractive portfolio to catch clients’ attention. There are several techniques you could employ, but some of the basics include: keeping it short and simple, detailing your strengths and skills, and providing a complete list of your projects. A profile alone can get clients reaching out to you, so be sure to invest some time in making yours standout.

Read, Read, and Read Some More

It’s been said a number of times before that a writer must continuously develop his or her craft no matter how confident one is about having mastered it. It’s not enough to simply read scripts or watch hundreds of films; one must read a variety of material across a number of genres. This keeps you familiar with a number of subjects should the perfect opportunity arrive from an area you never thought you would work in.

Keep a Detailed Resume for Bids

Keep a resume ready at all times. You probably know, however, that this kind of resume is quite different from others you may have created for yourself in the past. A client in this field won’t be interested in your experience as a car salesman or restaurant owner; he or she will be interested in your education and projects directly related to script writing. Keep detailed notes and make sure everything can be easily verified.

Stay Connected with Other Writers

Lastly, be sure you stay connected with other writers. Networking is a great way of hearing about opportunities that you may not have known about otherwise. The bigger your network the more chances you will have to land a high paying job in the field. Keep your eyes open and be sure to lend a helping hand to others whenever you have the opportunity.


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