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A Foolproof Method To Get Paid For Writing Reviews

What is more exciting than writing a review and earning good sum of money in return? There are many websites and clients who are ready to promote their business and attract customers to buys their products. Freelancer writer can assist them impeccably.

How to make sure that client is genuine?

One single click can expose you to the huge writing industry and offer massive opportunities to earn money via your writing creativity. There are many freelance websites that connects freelance writers and clients at one spot. The writers need to check the history of client by going through the feedback. If the feedback is positive, the client will survive in the market and vice versa. Writers love to work with the clients who make timely payments without giving stress to their writers.

Timely payments

Again, you need to go through the client’s reviews and check their online profile. Watch their reputation on web.

Some infallible Payment methods

There are various modes of safe payment methods-

  • After the assignment is completed, the writer needs to create an invoice for number of articles completed for a period. The invoice holds history of articles accepted and rejected along with other details like date on which article was provided and date of submission. Each entry also keeps a note of word count. At the end of the month (whatever is the payment period of the company) the sum is calculated and is send to the client. The client verifies the details and transfers the sum through any of the means like online bank transfer, PayPal, cash wire transfer, Electronic Fund Transfer etc.
  • Majority of clients prefer to make payment through PayPal.
  • Some others are likely to make payment through paper checks. Accounting Finance department keeps a record and processes it. It is safe, legitimate and well accepted secure website. Once you send the invoice to the client and he transfers funds to your PayPal account, you can withdraw it by visiting the website. A small percentage is charged from both the parties.
  • Business bank transfer is another one. If you have a business bank account, money gets transferred directly from the client’s account and you can withdraw it anytime. You do not require paying any fees to manage your transactions.
  • Apart from these there are many other safe, convenient and secure payment options like Escrow, Google Checkout or Google Wallet, Money Bookers, Western Union, Alert Pay, Money Gram, Xoom etc.

Remember, it hardly takes few minutes for the transfer to reflect in your account and if your client is giving you one excuse or the other, do not get fooled.


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