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The Definition Of Freelance Writing: Useful Guide For Beginners

Beginning a career as a freelance writer isn’t as easy as it might seem. Yes, there are plenty of job offers for these specialists, but competition in this field is intense. In order to succeed as a freelancer, you will need to develop some specialized skills. You also need to be a very good writer or your works won’t be able to beat the competition. Here is a simple guide that should help you build a career in this business:

  1. Start with generating leads.
  2. The most important thing in the beginning of this career is to attract as many potential clients as possible. Register at various websites for freelancers and send out your pitch to as many companies as you can. Do note that every pitch should be customized to fit the prospective client. You can use a general draft, but it must have some personalized touches or the pitch won’t generate a good response.

  3. Market yourself.
  4. When you send out those pitches, you need to show yourself to your prospective clients so that they can assess your talent and skills. Accounts at various freelancer marketplaces won’t do you much good because they look too unprofessional. If you aim to impress, you need to have your own website, with a blog to boot. This will help you develop some skill in SEO as you will get a chance to market your own website. With enough effort invested in this marketing, your website may soon attract some clients. For a freelancer to have employers seek you out instead of the other way round is a mark of career success.

  5. Build good relationships with your clients.
  6. Freelancing is based on personal interaction, so personal relationships play a very important part in this business. Attracting a client is hard, so you should aim to keep the ones you have and this is possible only when you are on good terms. Be professional in your interactions and provide the best service you possibly can. You also need to address every concern your clients have and always be open to communication.

  7. Study the business.
  8. If you want to get some well-paying long-term jobs, you need to be an expert in both writing and the business you write for. This is why it’s always best to specialize in one particular field. When you are proficient with the business, you will be able to create better texts therefore making more money.

Consider all these things but don’t forget that you also need to develop your writing and English skills in order to become a really good writer.


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